Maternity photography isn’t just to get beautiful images, it is to celebrate and capture the incredible woman that you are and to show off your beautiful and incredible body that will soon bring a new life into the world.

Something to look back on and remember just how miraculous you and your body are. There is such a
special sweetness in being able to participate in the growing of life.

Maternity Photography In Harrogate, York And North Yorkshire

In life and in my newborn shoot I always go with the flow, come in and relax and take it all in. I understand
how hard it can be in those first couple of weeks, adjusting to a whole new lifestyle, so sit back and take a breath and enjoy your newborn photoshoot.

As a mum I know how hard it can be to get out of the house on time with a newborn, so there’s honestly no pressure at all to be ‘ready’ when you arrive, If you are running late, bring your make up and some clothes and take your time to get ready at the studio and I will start by taking photos of your newborn whilst you have some time to prepare.

I want your experience with me to be as relaxing as possible. So that you can enjoy spending time bonding with your baby, taking it all in, and just enjoying being in that moment

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Now you are thinking, what will I wear? I’ve got you mama! I have an array of stunning dresses and tops all
stages of pregnancy. You are welcome to use any of the items in my studio wardrobe, in fact it is encouraged.